How to Unlock Digital Leverage

1x Effort with 10x Results

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I've always been a bit of an outcome maximalist.

If there’s a way to get more value out of my work
More reward for my action
More bang for my buck


That’s why I use “digital leverage” to 10x my results with 1x the effort.

Here’s how you can do that same:

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  • Digital leverage is created by using digital tools to amplify the reach and impact of your work and achieve better results than what’s possible without them.

If you aren’t leveraging the internet to 10x your productivity or business… You’re doing it wrong.

Justin Welsh has a simple 3-step formula for building digital leverage:

  1. ✍️ CONTENT: Think 1x, Publish 10x

    • Create 1 piece of content

    • Repurpose it onto other platforms

    • Expand your ideas to a new audience

    • 1 blog post = 1 YT video, 3 YT shorts, 3 TikToks, 3 Instagram Reels (10x!)

  2. 💸 SELL: Publish 10x, Sell 100x

    • Publish snippets of your content in 10 places

    • Add links back to your product or service

    • Sell without directly asking

  3. 📈 COMPOUND: Sell 100x, Compound 1,000x

    • Sell a product to 100 people

    • Create an enticing referral program
      (check the bottom of this email 😉)

    • Rack up those affiliate sales

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Forest: An app helping you stay away from your smartphone and stay focused on your work. The most pleasant productivity app in my workflow.

Pareto Principle: 80% of results come from 20% of actions. Use the Pareto principle to identify what part of your work is the most impactful.

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