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Top 20 Platforms for Finding Remote Jobs (2023)

Insider Tips for Success in the Digital Age

Howdy Nomads,

Are you ready to swap the 9-5 for the freedom of the digital age?

We’ve compiled a list of 20 prime platforms for finding full-time remote jobs and freelancing gigs to help you do just that.

These platforms aren't just job boards; they're gateways to a new way of living. And to ensure you navigate them like a pro, we're also including insider tips to aid your job hunt and empower you with the know-how to stand out in the remote workspace. Good luck!

Full-Time Remote Job Platforms

1. FlexJobs: A comprehensive platform for professionals seeking remote and flexible jobs. Tip: Venture into unique job categories like art and travel for unexplored opportunities.

2. Remote.co: A versatile platform offering a range of remote jobs along with insightful remote work resources. Tip: Read the Q&A section to learn from remote work veterans.

3. LinkedIn: A professional networking platform with an exhaustive job search feature. Tip: Use the "Open To Work" feature to let recruiters know you're looking and toggle “Remote Only” when searching the job board.

4. AngelList: Now known as Wellfound, it’s a hub for startup job opportunities, and connecting candidates directly with founders. Tip: Keep your profile robust and updated; founders often scout for talent proactively. (I found my first Data Science internship through AngelList!)

5. JustRemote: A platform offering meticulously selected remote jobs across various industries. Tip: Utilize the "Remote Jobs By Category" function for a streamlined job search.

6. We Work Remotely: A user-friendly platform featuring a variety of remote job postings. Tip: Check out the new “Advanced Job Search” page!

7. Remote OK: Tailored for digital nomads, this platform offers jobs ranging from software development to design. Tip: Set up email alerts for instant updates on job postings in your field.

8. Jobspresso: A platform featuring hand-picked remote jobs to apply to directly. Tip: Visit their "Recently Added Jobs" section for the freshest opportunities.

9. Working Nomads: Offering a range of curated remote jobs across diverse fields. Tip: Subscribe to their job updates for daily or weekly alerts directly to your email.

10. Virtual Vocations: A platform dedicated to thoroughly vetted remote jobs. Tip: Use their Career Services like resume assessment to boost your applications.

Freelancing Gig Platforms

1. Upwork: A global platform bridging the gap between freelancers and businesses. Tip: Personalize your proposals for each job; first impressions make a difference.

2. Fiverr: A marketplace for freelancers to offer their services to a global clientele. Tip: Identify trending gigs to align with high-demand services.

3. Freelancer: A competitive marketplace where freelancers bid on projects. Tip: Price your bids competitively, especially as a newbie, to increase your win rate.

4. Remote OK: A platform offering a variety of freelance job postings. Tip: Keep your freelance profile updated to attract more projects.

5. Toptal: A platform connecting top-tier freelancers with businesses. Tip: Highlight your unique skills in your application to stand out in the rigorous screening process.

6. Guru: A platform offering a daily job-matching feature for freelancers. Tip: Utilize the WorkRoom feature to manage your projects and communicate efficiently with clients.

7. 99Designs: A platform designed for creative freelancers. Tip: Participate in design contests to showcase your skills and win clients.

8. PeoplePerHour: A UK-based platform that caters to freelancers from various industries, including design, writing, programming, and more. PeoplePerHour allows freelancers to post hourlies, which are fixed-price offers, as well as bid on jobs posted by clients. Tip: As a digital nomad, your ability to work from anywhere is a strength. Make sure to highlight this in your profile and proposals, emphasizing your flexibility and commitment to deliver quality work irrespective of location.

9. Freelance Writing Gigs: A curated collection of writing jobs across different genres. Tip: Showcase a variety of writing styles - blogging, SEO writing, ghostwriting, etc., to appeal to a broader client base.

10. Contently: A platform connecting freelancers with clients needing content. Tip: Enhance your portfolio with high-quality images and well-structured content to catch clients' eyes.

And there you have it - our top 20 platforms to supercharge your journey to financial and location freedom. Leveraging these tools can help you unlock the true potential of the digital age.

For more guides, deeper tutorials, and more, join me on my YouTube channel where I post videos designed to guide you through the nuances of the digital revolution.

Thanks so much for reading! See you next time,

— Jack