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The Power of the Elevator Pitch

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The Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch can make or break your first interaction with a potential lead or employer. It either ends with:

  1. Not being remembered by the person you’re talking to. 🤧 

  2. The person you’re talking to wants to give you their money. 🤑 

An elevator pitch is your professional narrative distilled into a 30-second spiel and the goal is to make the largest impact in the shortest time possible.

Key Elements of a Captivating Elevator Pitch:

  1. Clarity: Be clear about who you are and what you offer. Avoid jargon and speak directly to your value proposition. 🔮 

  2. Brevity: Time is of the essence. Keep your pitch concise and to the point. (No more than 45 seconds) 🩳 

  3. Passion: Let your enthusiasm shine through. Passion is infectious and can set you apart. ❤️‍🔥 

  4. Relevance: Tailor your pitch to your audience. What matters to them? How can you solve their problems? 🤨 

  5. Call to Action: Always conclude with what you want to happen next. Whether it's exchanging business cards or scheduling a meeting, be clear about the next steps. ⚔️ 

The $100k Elevator Pitch

This is the exact elevator pitch I used to help secure my job at VMware as a college dropout. Feel free to change my information and turn it into your own!

Intro: Who are you? What’s your story?

My name's Jack and I'm a data scientist living in Denver, Colorado. I studied statistics and computer science at multiple universities before leaving to pursue data science and machine learning full-time at Lambda School which I graduated last October.

Value: What can you do for us? Why you?

Over the last year I've helped grow 2 startups and have realized that while I have a love for software development, my true passion is using analytics to grow products that I truly believe in. I've had the opportunity to influence product and strategy at both of the companies I've worked with while learning about how to communicate my technical decisions to stakeholders with state of the art dashboards.

Ask: What do you want? When do you want it?

I'm looking to move out of the startup world into a company that fosters growth. I'm still early in my career and looking for a place where I can build a meaningful product while growing my skillset in data analytics and product leadership. I'd love to schedule a quick chat this week to learn more about the role and life at your company!

Crafting your elevator pitch is just the beginning. Practice it until it feels natural and you can deliver it with confidence, even on the spot.

Your elevator pitch is a powerful tool in your professional arsenal. It can open doors, leave a lasting impression, and even make you tons of money.

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