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Your Trajectory is WRONG

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The Problem:

For the last 3 years, I’ve been trying to grow my YouTube channel.

And for the last 3 years…
I have failed to make any real progress.

But every day, my to-do list is full of completed tasks, checked boxes, and a bullshit sense of accomplishment.

I want 100k subscribers on YouTube.

But in 3 years, I’ve gained 1,430 (to be exact).

On my current trajectory, it will take me 214 years to reach 100k.

This… is fucked.

And something needs to change.

Why I’m Failing:

To be as blunt and honest as possible:

1. Never had clear goals
(treasure map instead of plan)

2. Success was scarier than failure
(not trying is easier than failing)

3. Created selfish content that only helped me
(not my audience)

4. Weed, video games, and cheap dopamine were more important than getting a video out and getting closer to my goal

What Needs Fixing:


Without clear goals, I will spend my life aimlessly “making progress” on whatever shiny thing catches my eye and steals my attention. Without a vision of exactly what I want life to look like, life will remain the same.


Striving for something is only noble if you fully commit. Half-committing to this goal is getting me no closer and is killing the passion I’m trying to nurture. To commit to the goal is to commit to the hard work that success requires. If this works, it will be even harder. I need to be okay with that.


I regularly make videos about self-improvement that get no views. This is because I am creating the video for myself, not because I think the video will help someone else. Every time I’ve made a video with the intent of helping someone else, it’s gotten 10k+ views. I actively avoid making videos on certain topics (like tech and bootcamps) that I KNOW will perform well, just because “they’re not as fun to make”. It’s time I start creating real value.


If I can’t stop valuing cheap dopamine over creating the life that I want, I’m not worthy of the rewards success would bring. I do not want influence over other people if I can’t influence my own mind for the better. I need to get myself in order.

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