How to Land a 100k/yr Job in Tech

My Free Job Tracking Template

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Are you scrolling through job postings, wondering if your dream tech job is just—a dream?

With tech giants tightening their budgets and constant headlines about mass layoffs, it feels like the doors to a 100k tech job are slamming shut.

But I believe I have a strategy that can unlock those doors AND give you an edge against the job market competition.

I’m Jack, and I cracked that code to landing a six-figure tech job during the last recession and after recently being laid off myself, I’m here to do it again. But this time, I’m going to show you how.

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Free Notion Job Tracking Template

Keeping track of every application is crucial in your job search so you don’t forget:

  • Which roles you applied to

  • Which ones are still pending

  • And worst of all—potentially losing all of the job posting information before you land an interview

Right off the bat, I have a link to my last interview notes, my timeline goal for applications, and a link to my resume, outreach template, and elevator pitch.

Scroll down a bit and we have a database of all the jobs that I’ve applied to. The company names, job titles, tech stacks, application status, contacts, a link to the posting, and the date I applied, along with any notes on salary.

This has saved me many times from losing essential info about the jobs I’ve applied to so I know how to prepare for interviews and what to expect for salary negotiations.

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