I Got Fired. Here's My Plan.

Sink or Swim (Success or Feet Pics)

Happy Friday and Welcome back to… THE JAILBREAK.
(along with 650+ readers 🗝️ )

Which way, western man?

It’s been one (business) week since I got laid off from my Data Engineering role at VMware. 🗑️ 🔥 

And oh, what a strange week it’s been…

  • I had a series of mini-panic-attacks

  • I’ve barely slept in a week

  • Lost all semblance of routine

  • Contemplated creating a Feet Finder account

  • AND got my first YouTube brand deal 🥳 

me balancing between mania and depression

But I’m slowly but surely gaining back my mental clarity about what the actual fuck I’m gonna do with my life…

Here’s my 3 path master plan for making sure I don’t wind up selling feet pics to make rent:

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