Don't Waste Your Life

A Christmas Reflection

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Hi friends, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

I’m writing this minutes after getting back home from the airport - I went to Texas to see my family for Christmas and it was amazing to see everyone.

But I’ve been having a recurring thought… a recurring regret that’s been on my mind all week.

Not spending more time with the people I love.

As someone who lost 5 years of his life to depression, self-isolated from the people I loved, I’ve realized the biggest pain in life is missing out on relationships, stories, and time spent with the people who truly matter to you.

I lost my grandmother last year to cancer.

And the holidays did not feel the same without her.

I’m not saying this just to be a total downer — but because it really hit me this Christmas how short our time here is.

It feels like just yesterday my grandma was taking my little brother and I to Cheesy Janes Diner to get tater tots and a milkshake.

Now we’re trying to replicate her cookie recipes.

Time moves by so fucking fast man.

I feel guilty for the time I lost to depression, but I understand that it wasn’t all my fault - it’s a sickness.

The time I lost to striving for meaningless goals instead of prioritizing the ones I loved, will haunt me forever.

Success is wonderful.

But it sure as hell isn’t everything.

And it isn’t anything without the people you care about.

The Romans had a phrase that self-help bros like myself have exploited to oblivion, but I still think it’s vitally important to our lives today.

That phrase is: “Memento mori”

“Remember that you have to die”

Our culture runs away screaming from the slightest thought of death.

I even contemplated not writing this because of how “dark” some people might make it out to be.

Fuck that.

Death is what makes life worth living.

It’s the brutal Yin and Yang of everything.

If we had infinite time here, sure — go ahead and neglect the important things.

But we don't.

That means our time here MATTERS.

To waste it is to spit in the face of God and to harm yourself.

Procrastination is sin.

This is not a test run.

If you feel like you are wasting your life, I’m begging you to try and change it as fast as you can. You might not get another chance next year.

Call your parents, start that business, ask that girl out.

Because for the love of God, you are terminally ill.

The asteroid is inbound.

Impact in T-minus 0-60 years.

What are you going to do before the clock runs out?

You know what’s important.

Don’t waste your life.

It’s almost the New Year so if you want some exercises for setting goals and creating a life around the important stuff, check out this post.

I love you all - here’s to another year.

See you Friday,
- Jack

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