Beginners Guide to Productivity

5 Tips for Getting Things Done

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Beginners Guide to Productivity
(5 Tips to Getting Things Done)

Are you tired of watching the clock tick by, feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything?

Do you end the day wondering where all your time went and why you still have so many things left on your to-do list?

For years I was caught in this same cycle of laziness and procrastination, watching my dreams and daily goals slip away, one unproductive day after another…

But over the last 5 years of studying time management and productivity, I’ve transformed myself from someone who used to procrastinate until the last second into someone who takes action by default.

And with just a few changes to your routine, you could transform your days from unproductive to unbelievably efficient.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone looking to get more out of your day, these 9 tips are designed to help you maximize your productivity. These are the mindsets, tools, and methods I wish I had when I started learning about productivity many years ago, that have legitimately changed my life.

1. Getting Started (Overcoming Internal Resistance)

Photo by Matt Paul Catalano on Unsplash

Internal resistance is the negative feeling you get at the very beginning of starting a project and it can cause you to avoid taking any action at all.

Waves of procrastination, confusion, doubt, and fear stop you from getting started and doing the things you know are good for you.

But you can hack your brain to get past this internal resistance and get to work anyway.

Imagine that you’re a surfer.

When you enter the water, the waves start hitting you immediately, over and over again. Constantly getting slammed by the water. It’s cold, it hurts, and you get sand between your cheeks. Not a fun time.

But after paddling and pushing through wave after wave you finally get past the break, past the internal resistance, and all of a sudden the water is calm. And you can swim around freely.

This is what happens when you start working on a difficult project. It’s difficult at first but after you break through the internal resistance, working feels almost effortless.

The reason that playing video games is so easy to start doing is because the internal resistance is super low.

So here’s a simple hack for making writing an essay as plopping down on the couch and starting up a game of Fortnite:

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